Does it cost anything to participate?

​      be at least 18 years of age

Treatment Resistant

Major Depressive Disorder

  The complete list of requirements will be

  discussed with you by the study doctor.

  During the first visit (the "screening visit"),

  the study requirements as well as the

  potential risks of participation will be

  explained in detail. Those wishing to

  participate after this explanation will be

  asked to sign a written consent form. Next,

  various questions, tests and examinations

  will be asked and given to determine

  eligibility to participate in the study. 

​​​     be experiencing a depressive episode of at

     least 8 weeks but less than 2 years in length

  What are the potential benefits of



  All participants enrolled in this study will      

​  first receive an FDA approved antidepressant

  for a period of six weeks. Then, if eligible,

  the participants will be assigned to one of two

  groups. One group will begin taking the

  investigational drug, and the other group will

  continue taking the approved antidepressant.

  This part of the study will continue for

  another six weeks. The chance of being

  assigned to either group is 50%, like flipping

  a coin.

  Are there any risks to participating

  in this research study?


  There is no guarantee that participants will 

  receive any benefit from participating in the

  study. Your depression might not get better

  or may even get worse while you are in this

  study. However, this research study may 

  yield new information that could benefit

  patients with depression in the future by

  helping to answer questions about the

  effectiveness and safety of the

  investigational depression medication.

​     have a history of inadequate relief from

     depression symptoms from 1 or 2


​  All medical examinations and study drug are

  provided to qualified participants at no cost.

  Financial compensation may be provided to

  those who qualify for such compensation,

  which will cover time and travel expenses

  related to the research study.

​  There may be potential risks to participating

  in this study, which will be

  discussed with you in detail at the start of the

  study. All medication and some medical

  procedures may carry a risk of side effects;

  therefore, it is possible that participants may

  experience some discomfort or other side

  effects associated with the use of the study

  medication. Study participants should report

  any side effects to their study doctor or the

  study doctor's staff.

For additional information, call Anne at IPC Research, 262-955-6515.


  What are the requirements to

  participate in this research study?

IPC Research




  To participate in this study,

  you must: