IPC Research

  • Mini Mental State Examination 21-26
  • Probable Alzheimer's disease

A Biomarker Study in Subjects with Alzheimer's disease and Unaffected Controls.

To Qualify - Subjects with mild Alzheimer's disease:

  • No clinical abnormalities based on lab testing

For additional information, call Anne at IPC Research, 262-513-0700.

Biomarker Study

If you or your loved one has been touched by Alzheimer's Disease or you are a healthy volunteer, please consider participation. It is a non-invasive trial with minimal involvement, yet we can learn a great deal.

To Qualify - Healthy Volunteers:

  • Mini Mental State Examination ≥ 27
  • No evidence or history of seizures, head injury, TIA, etc.
  • < 90 years old

This trial may help to identify Alzheimer's Disease earlier in the disease progression with the use of EEGs, Biomarkers, and cognitive assessments.